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This is it…real and raw…me and you…my thoughts, your thoughts…I’m not afraid, are you? Bring me your life, I’ll tell you about mine. Let's build this together! SEE CONTEST

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Music in Schools

I always remember with a smile the way music has touched my life from even an early age. In schools we were always blessed with having a great music class that started out in primary with the singing and choirs...

The story behind my song: “No one Ever knows” from my “Hovering Above” CD

Many years ago I had been working as a bartender in an upscale hotel and had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people who inspired a great number of my earlier songs...

Blind Date With A Star Event!!

Special thanks to Amca Sales and Marketing and NSLC for the pleasure of their company last night at "Blind Date with a Star"!

Body Image Blog (Weight Watcher Updates! Results for Week 16 - May 09, 2010)

Check back monthly for my reveal!

Conversation drought

I went to get my haircut today (and of course coloured…though don’t tell anyone :). It’s something I do about every 2 months and it’s something I really look forward to...

The Passing of a Friend

The passing of a friend...

The Story Behind Lana’s song “Judge Me”

The song Judge Me, which was on Lana's last CD - Hovering Above, was a very personal song that very few people ever knew the true meaning of…Until now!

Trying new things (there really is a life insight in here)

I was making pies a couple weeks ago (yes, I'm actually a pretty good cook/baker). I usually use the same pie crust recipe I've used for years, but felt I could do better and began the search for the "perfect" crust recipe...

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