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Lana Grant - July 2014 Newsletter - Volume 2

July 2014 Newsletter...Took a little time off in August - but except the next newsletter before the end of September 2014!



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Music & The Medium - On The Road? - Why Not!

I am so pleased with how this special show came to life on June 5th. As a matter of fact, so many were raving about it, we've decided to work towards taking the show on the road! The core team of myself (Lana Grant), Alan Hatfield and D. Angeline Reyes-Giacalone are on board, plus we'll be looking at bringing two different special musical guest artists at each town we no two shows will be the same!

We're hard at work seeking sponsors, and funding along with feeling out the perfect communities to bring this amazing and life changing show. Do you have a community recommend, A biz you think would align well with our event or a funding option you think we may not be aware of? I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to email any suggestions to!

June 5th snapshot:
Many thanks to the special guests that night: Alan Hatfield, D. Angel Reyes-Giacalone, Dave Carroll, Andrew Hunter, Shirley Jackson, Dana Beeler & Christine Campbell + the Amazing House Band: Chris Iannetti, Mike Carroll and Jorge Loza

Huge thanks to the dedicated volunteers: Susan Grant, Sherry Donovan, Debbie Faught, Adriana Afford, Tracey Mackay, Jillian Croft, Tracy Hey, Gary Grant and Gerry White

Appreciation to: The Forum, Bernie Smiley + Sound Crew, The Metro (Jenna Conter), The Herald Community Paper (Joanne Oostveen), CTV Morning Live (plus Alyse Hand), Digital Build (Darren Hubley), Jimmy Bennett Photography, Global Halifax - Morning News, Vibe Energy, Sarah's Spiritual Treasures and so many more!



Extra! Extra!






Live Pics from the Music & The Medium Show!





















Missing is Shirley Jackson who also performed that night and D.Angel the Live Spirit Painter! Photography by Jimmy Bennett (ecxept:Dave Carroll photo by Angela Keating  and Andrew's Full band shot was taken by a fan! Cover Photo: Scott Munn - taken for Jost's Selkie Campaign)


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