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Musicians, Memories & Morsels ~ An East Coast Story Cook Book

I’m so excited to announce, Musicians, Memories & Morsels ~ An East Coast Story Cook Book, is due to go to print in less than 2 weeks!
It’s hard to believe a little idea about a year ago has built itself into this beautiful and engaging product that will serve to both; promote more than 40 wonderful East Coast Music Artists and to help raise awareness for mental illness.

The book is just under 160 pages and is full colour (sized at 9”x9”). Each artist gets two pages where we feature their story, bio, website and recipe. There are both musical and food graphic touches and photos complimenting each page that directly relates to each artist, story and/or recipe. A lot of thought went into those selections and we hope you will enjoy checking them out.
We really wanted to make a book that is beautiful, engaging to read and draws you in with its’ classic vintage visual comfort. The colours lean into the blues, greens and yellows of an era gone by, but still cherished. Each section features one of these designated colours, which helps make the layout user friendly. The book designer also wisely felt the use of a variety of antique kitchen appliance/accessory photos balanced the music and cooking theme. There is an organic feel to the chapter outlines and table of content, showcased in the form of menu chalkboard, complete with a hand-printed font, to look like you’ve stumbled upon the day’s specials at your favourite restaurant or watering hole.
I felt very grateful as I reviewed all the submitted entries from the gracious artists (and House Concert Hosts) who agreed to be a part of this Cook Book project. I loved reading each story…and testing many of the recipes! We’d like to thank all the artists who took the time to craft their submissions. As well, I’m so proud to have been able to highlight and raise awareness for mental illness within this Cook Book in a special dedicated section following the recipes and stories. It’s here where I reveal what it’s been like to struggle through having a close family member dealing with mental illness. Along with a very personal disclosure from my family member, about what it is like to suffer with mental illness - I’m so proud of her for speaking out about it. A feat not easy for a 16 year old girl dealing with bi-polar and anxiety disorder!
List of book contributors (Artists and House concert venues):
Melanie Doane
Dave Carroll
The Stanfields
Lana Grant
Kev Corbett
Lennie Gallant
John Gracie
Urban Surf Kings
In Flight Safety
Ruth Minnikin
Al Tuck
Don Brownrigg
Alert The Medic
Norma MacDonald
Mary Stewart
Carmel Mikol
Rich Aucoin
Ryan Cook
Bob Ardern
Shimon Walt
Kim Wempe
Rachel MacLean
Nathan Rogers
Shirley Jackson
Chad Hatcher
Asif Illyas (MIR)
Kim Dunn
Meghan Smith
Keith Mullins
Angelo Spinazzola
Jenn Grant
Thom Swift
Eileen Joyce
Naming the Twins
RyLee Madison
Ryan MacGrath
Gillian Boucher
Molly Thomason
Patchwork House Concerts
Point Rock Concerts
By The Bay Bed & Breakfast (House Concert)
Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers
Acoustic Roof
                                                                (House Concerts)                             
I feel this is the type of project that comes into your life and changes you, challenges you and leaves you with a feeling of pride. I’ve been humbled by the overwhelming positive response to it by both the fans, the artists, the media and so many more!
Super, super special thanks to Adriana Afford who’s help was vital to bringing this idea to life with me. Her diligence in helping retrieve the material from all the artists was a Godsend! As well, Kristine George, who really came through to edit copy for the book – her offer of help was like an answer to an overworked prayer at the time! A big hug to my very brave 16 year old niece, Kristin, who was so generous to shed some light on her struggle with mental illness. Such special women and friends!



Then there is the man behind the beautiful design of the book…I don’t think there is anyone I would trust as much as him with this project! His honest dedication and respect to the project integrity, super hard work ethic, attention to every detail, that go above and beyond, has made this project a pleasure to work on, plus he keeps me focused on the tasks at hand!
Darren Hubley ( – thank you my friend!
I wanted to show case some of the samples of his creative work from the book to give you a sneak peek. Plus I wanted the readers to know the care he took with the fridge being used for the front cover pic. He found it, we bought it, he ripped it apart, he restored it (which included hours and hours of sanding down the metal) and he chronicled the journey with pics…the big final fridge reveal (FULLY RESTORED AND PAINTED!) will come once the cover is ready and the book is launched!



NOTE: The website,, launches in November 2012 and you will be able to pre-order the Cook Book (prior to the book’s Dec.1 launch). You will be able to order the book online by no later than Nov. 7th, 2012
Pictures of the Cook Book’s Vintage Fridge - A Work in Progress!
We would like to think that even the Cook Book cover has a story to tell…
(Pics coming soon!)



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