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Summer Vacation - Was fun, but glad it’s over!

I hope you have enjoyed your summer months whatever your weather may have been. I know for me, summer is one of my hardest times of year, as my son is out of school and between my work, music and family/childcare needs, my available time runs very short.
I also find this time of year we feel a great need to fill our spare moments with activities and yard chores while embracing the “vacation” mode. I try hard to make sure my son has great memories of his summer and I think at some point all the planning, events, trips and play-dates start to put me in a bit of a zombie state…likely due to lack of sleep and down time….it all catches up with us eventually!!
The “me” time in summer gets pushed to the bottom of the pile in the midst of all else going on, which I think causes a bit of frustration that may not be entirely healthy. Not to mention the guilt I can feel from the yearning to break out and just have some alone time (I’m sure most Moms can relate). I even long for my hot yoga and training sessions, which were put on the back burner until September.
In saying this, I did manage to enjoy some wonderful moments with my family and got a lot accomplished with outside house/yard upgrades, but I wouldn’t be truthful if I didn’t voice that I’m glad school has started back this month!!
Thought you might like a peek at some of the different resorts/restaurants/and places both locally and away that I’ve experienced during this summer season… Would love for others to share some of their great adventures!!

Mackaskills Restaurant:

MacAskill's Restaurant @

Bicycle Thief Restaurant :


Credit: G Langille

Ela! Greek Tavern:

Dartmouth/Halifax Waterfront (Nova Scotia):  or or

Moncton – Crystal Palace/Magic Mountain: or

File:Magic mountain water park moncton.jpg

Risser’s Beach: 

Atlantica Resort & Spa (Chester, Nova Scotia):

Sandos  Caracol Eco Resort & Spa (Mexico):


What people are saying?

on September 08th, 2011, Susan said...

Can I go next time, looks great!

on September 09th, 2011, Lana said...

It certainly was action packed - the more the merrier!! A whole year to plan for next summer smile

on October 24th, 2011, Pepper said...

Wow you sure know how to live Lana, Good for you! Hope you have been able to relax a bit since then.

on October 25th, 2011, Lana Grant said...

Hey Pepper,
I do believe we have this one special life and it deserves to be experienced…I’m grateful to be able to pull so much from it! I use to feel guilty for “enjoying” myself with such activities until I realized all these moments add great things to enrich my life and spirit. As for relaxing…LOL - I’m not sure I ever often enter that state for long, as once seated my mind wanders to other wonderful things and tasks that I could be adding in. I like to make every day a bit of an adventure! Thanks for reading & sharing - hope it inspired you to take a little adventure smile

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