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The Dating Game…

I’m not sure what’s in the air lately...

But, there are so many of my long-term single, recently-single, recently-divorced friends looking for love and/or companionship right now. I do find that in the lead up to the holiday season there is a bit of a push on for romance.
Maybe it’s the lure of a romantic gift awaiting you under the tree or the bonus of having a partner to attend all the holiday parties with you. Or maybe it’s because as you look around at all the couples and families sharing their time together…you just get lonely - it’s totally natural.
I believe we all crave that intimate connection with another person and if you’re lucky enough to have that and it’s within a healthy, honest and supportive relationship – then thank your lucky stars…I know I do (though I didn’t get to this place without struggles)!

I’m often perplexed when I see/hear such wonderful people cannot seem to find a match with someone special.

I think people have this pre-determined perception of who they’re looking for set in their mind and because of that, maybe they miss out on meeting people outside of that strict range who could be a great match for them.
Perhaps if you’ve always picked the same type of person as matches for you and they haven’t worked out…it’s time to open the option door a bit wider. As Dr. Phil would say…”How’s that been working for you?”! When the answer is “it hasn’t been”, then there’s all the proof you need that a change should be made.

In this age of technology perhaps we are moving forward while at the same time moving backwards in regards to engaging personal connections...

It’s so easy to sit at home and check Facebook and read all about other people’s lives – but maybe we need a greater push to go out and make our own experiences…though please post the fun stuff you take part in!

I do recognize there is value in some of these dating sites...

Which are giving to people who might not have normally crossed paths an opportunity to connect. But on the other hand, some users of these sites are not all blessed with honourable intentions and I would caution people to use care and sensibility when making arrangements to meet.
For example – never allow someone to meet you at your home for the first bunch of “get-acquainted” dates. Plus, it’s a good idea if you have kids to perhaps shelter them from the relationship until it’s more established…kids grow attached very quickly.

That being said…

The old saying about love & romance usually happening the best when you’re not looking is somewhat true, but keep yourself involved in things that interest you and you’ll be more likely to meet folks that have complimentary taste in lifestyle and activities!

My strong advice in love though is…

Before people start searching for others to fit in their lives…make sure you love yourself first!! Knowing who you are and what you truly want out of your life are some of the greatest gifts you can give yourself! Imagine someone trying to love you, when you don’t even love yourself – that usually ends up like a train wreck.

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