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The importance of Friendship!

I have been blessed to have met and become friends with so many people along my life’s journey.

The word friendship is all encompassing, yet within it defines so many unique relationships. From an early age I sought connections with various groups of people…I was shy, yet at the same time I related to so many different personalities.
With my dad being a Mountie (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), as I grew up I was forced to move a lot, which meant upheaval of schools and friends. At the time I thought it was the worst thing ever, but as I grew into an adult I now recognize how lucky I am to still have connections with so many different groups of people from along the way. (Thought my dad would love this picture below)

I keep a pretty hectic schedule nowadays and really have for most of my adult life, so though I may not always have the time I wish to spend with my various groups of friends…I carry their friendship with me at all times.

Sometimes just a meet up for exercise, a simple email note or joke sent by them, a “like” on a Facebook post or even a birthday or holiday wish is enough to keep us connected (and hopefully they feel that from me as well). It’s not the length of the rope that is always important – it’s the strength of the knot!

Have you ever been in a situation where you recall a friend or acquaintance from your past and though you may not have had lengthy exchanges with them, there are moments you recall vividly that still keeps that person connected to you…

A fun day at the fair, on the beach/camping, a school sport or music program, first kiss, etc. Did you ever experience a moment when you think…I’m sure they have no idea who I am, as our paths crossed so long ago? But, I think you’ll be surprised to find they remember you in the same way! I have that experience a lot now with Facebook!

I often recall so many I came across from my past – I may not always remember their name – or at least full name, but I remember the experiences!

We sometimes fail to reach out to others again for one simple reasonfear. That we put ourselves out there to say – “hey, remember me?” and they say no.  But, as mentioned above…I believe there are more shared memories than you think!
The down side to a busy life (which really most of us have between work and family and all the stuff in between) is that you maybe don’t let people as close as you would like, as you don’t want them to be disappointed by you when you don’t call regularly or aren’t able to make a weekly/monthly gathering happen. So, on occasion when there are times you do have a free moment open up and you would like to share the time with a good friend, you can be hesitant to call due to a bit of guilt from not being a consistent friend.

That being said, now when I do get the pleasure of joining up with an old friend, a new friend, a casual friend, or even just an acquaintance, I sit in the moment of the experience and try and learn something about them (it’s the songwriter in me always looking for good stories to inspire me)...

I get almost giddy with joy to have the opportunity to experience an authentic personal connection with a friend in a world that is currently so void of connecting! Something about sipping a nice glass of wine while munching on yummy food and sharing great conversation!

Let us savour this tradition and recognize that despite the distance between the visits – just enjoy it…rather than waste time thinking about the times we missed.

I also know as we grow and our special lifelong friends we bonded with in school, get married, have kids, move-away…they are still always there when you need them with a phone call, digital message, laugh or a shoulder. As well, it’s nice to embrace new friends as your kids, hobbies and even your job have you meeting and gathering with a whole new set of people you discover you have a lot in common with.

So cheers to all family and friends this week…you are truly gifts and make a difference in the lives of those you touch!

Keep up your efforts to care about each other from the minor things to the full blown night out…and don’t be afraid to take a risk by reaching out to others, you just might be the friend they were needing at that moment.

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