Lana Grant, Singer/Songwriter

The Community

One person CAN make a difference...however big or small, there is an impact! The best feeling you will get is by helping another...I challenge you to try it :)

Throughout my life and career I’ve been dedicated to supporting a variety of charitable causes. I was the co-creator of Making Music, Making Change and a number of other events, books and CD projects with charitable/awareness elements. In December 2014, Lana was awarded and very honoured to receive the CTV 's Live at 5 - Maritimer of the Week (nominated by Starr Dobson and her team at the Mental Health Foundation of NS for her work on the Changing the Way People Think ~ At Christmas CD).

I also take great pride and enjoyment in being a mentor to up-and-coming artists. Music can be a difficult business to break into and I feel strongly that artists need to be there for each other to maintain a support system within this challenging industry. I’ve been a judge for Maritime Idol as well as a juror for FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings). I also try to encourage, give music business advice and showcase new talent (as I did in the Making Music, Making Change event) when possible.

I feel my music gift was given to me for a reason and the clarity of that has become more powerful as I have matured.  I have a great urge to make a difference in this world and I’d like to think that my music is the medium that will allow me to facilitate positive change.

Here are some additional charities that I’ve had the privilege of contributing my time too.

  • Mental Health/Ilness related Organizations (also established an awareness campaign for Mental Illness [stories & resources] within my Musicians, Memories & Morsels Cook Book and related Cook Book concert tour
  • Cancer Society (various related cancer organisations within that cause, such as breast cancer, etc)
  • AIDS Coalition Foundation
  • Arthritis Society
  • Phoenix Youth Programs
  • Learning Disabilities of Nova Scotia
  • Foodbank of Nova Scotia
  • Children’s Wish Foundation
  • IWK Children’s Hospital

In summing up this section I would like to reflect on a movie from awhile back called “Pay It Forward”. I encourage you all to do that one thing, big or small, for someone else and request a “pay it forward”. Right now this world is in need of a lot of good deeds, wouldn’t it feel good to have started a chain of them! No one is watching, no one is keeping score, but do it anyway…you’ll know, and I promise you, that will be enough!
If it’s something exceptional that you think others would benefit from hearing about, why don’t you tell us about it.

Note: If you would like to have Lana perform or lend her artistic support for a future charitable event, please contact her (requests are reviewed on an individual basis).

* Also if you would like your charity event or organization to be linked from Lana’s site, please click here to send an email with the details for Lana to review.