Lana Grant, Singer/Songwriter


Songwriting to me is a story needing to be told and feelings that need to be expressed, along with a voice that longs to sing about it. I invite you to have a listen…

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 SOUL READER – Launching Late Winter 2015
A Blood Sweat and Tears Project that digs deep into the spirit, finds the light in the dark, a helping hand when you trip and a shoulder to cry on when there is nothing to do but accept the journey.These 10 songs are a collection co-written by Lana and her career long music partner, Chris Iannetti (who also produced this CD). Lana has always been a story teller with her Music...she reveals more than ever in this disc the process that leads her to such depth of understanding, sometimes even when the person telling her the story hasn't verbalized their entire range of thoughts & emotions behind it...through a great gift - those unspoken truths are the ones Lana often hears the loudest. This CD will be a journey...allow yourself to take it in, savour the moments, the lessons, the clarity it is offering. Well worth the investment!
"Thank you for your support in helping to keep these stories coming" ~ Lana…
· Life Undone
· Soul Reader  (Sound Cloud Link for preview)
· Allowed No Goodbye
· Fairytale
· Secret To Life (Sound Cloud Preview)
· Arm’s Length
· One Life
· Abandoned
· Burdenless Breath
· None Sent Back
* All songs written by Lana Grant and Chris Iannetti
* Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Iannetti (
* Executive Producer: Lana Grant (
* Additional Arrangement and Instrumentation on “Life Undone”, “Secret to Life” and “Burdenless Breath”: Asif Illyas (
* Drums on “Abandoned”: Scott Ferguson
* Bass on “Abandoned”; Jorge Loza
* Bedtracks for “Abandoned” recorded at Studio FMP (
* Photography: Darren Hubley (
* Original “Lana Grant” Spirit Paintings: D. Angel Reyes-Giacalone (
* Makeup: Nadine Beed
* Graphic Designer: Matthew Mackay –
The paintings for this CD artwork were captured by an Angelic Realm Intuitive artist who gathered the spirit and energy from Lana’s aura, which came out in a set of 4 defined pieces
expressing her various levels and depths through colour and abstract placement.

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Non-Fiction, officially launched in Spring 2011. It’s a strong and powerful collection of songs that keep you coming back for more – like a really great book! Many of the songs on the CD were based on touching and inspiring real-life fan submitted well as some relating to Lana’s own personal journey. This project brought Lana back to her calling of music and she’s proud to share it with everyone.

Track Listings, Lyrics and Sound Bytes


* All songs co-written by Lana Grant and Chris Iannetti
* Recorded at Iannetti Recording (Halifax)
* Produced, Engineered and Mixed by: Chris Iannetti
* Executive Producer: Lana Grant
* Additional Recording at: Ferguson Music Productions Inc.
* Mastering: Joao Carvalho Mastering (Toronto) by Tim Branton
* Acoustic/Electric guitars, organ and some backing vocals: Chris Iannetti
* Vocals featured for "Aftermath": Dave Carroll
* Drums/Percussion: Scott Ferguson
* Bass Guitar: Paul Vienneau
* Keyboard/Piano (My Journey): Silvio Pupo Montero
* Stand up Bass (My Journey): Lawrence Bjornson
* Photographer/Graphic Designer for all the Non-Fiction CD and promotional material: Darren Hubley
* Photographer Assistant - Sharon Alexander
* Make-up Artist: Nadine Beed

Hovering Above

Hovering Above was completed in 2003 and officially launched in 2004. Many of these songs represent a very personal time of healing after my parent’s difficult divorce. Also showcased is a song I wrote based on the true story of the much too early passing of a 2 year old child. This CD was/is a project I’m extremely proud of. I urge you to listen…I promise there is story in here that will fit your life.

Track Listings, Lyrics and Sound Bytes


All songs co-written by Lana Grant and Chris Iannetti. 
Recorded at Sonic Construction (Halifax)
Produced, Engineered and mixed by: Chris Iannetti
Executive Producer: Lana Grant
Mastered at Ferguson Music Productions Inc. by Scott Ferguson
All music arrangements performed by: Chris Iannetti,
Additional drums by Keith Mullins
“Judge Me” rap by Papa Grand
Photography by Angela Davis ( - Rest in peace now Angela – God bless
Make-up by Nadine Beed
Jewelry for the photo-shoot generously donated by CatnRose Jewelry (
CD graphics and artwork by Darren Hubley
Photo-shoot location: special thanks to Extreme Group and Alderney Landing

Tired of Talking

Tired of Talkin’ was released in 1999. This CD was my first completely original CD. Chris Iannetti and I co-wrote all the songs. It was an eclectic mix of songs that took place over a time when I was struggling to discover who I was and where life was meant to bring me. From this CD two singles were released nationally (Pieces and Tired of Talkin’). “Pieces” was a chart toping success story and it brought me a lot of, very appreciated, media and fan attention. Another standout song to me is “Daddy”; it’s about the disappointment I faced with my dad as the rawness of my parent’s separation caused me some painful reflections and anger. To this day, though healed from that situation, I still think it’s one of my most powerful songs.

Track Listings, Lyrics and Sound Bytes


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Iannetti at Sonic Construction (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
All songs co-written by Lana Grant and Chris Iannetti, except for Standin’ Up which had a 3rd co-writer, Mike Manuel
Additional recording (bed-tracks) by Kurt Hahn and Al Strickland at Groove Deluxe (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Guitars and keyboards by Chris Iannetti
Drums/percussion by Frederick Kennedy
Bass guitar by Joe Butcher
Produced by Chris Iannetti
Photography by Cindy Macdonald
CD design and graphics by Chris Iannetti
Lead and backing vocal by Lana Grant
Additional background vocals by Chris Iannetti

Lana Grant

Lana Grant, Self-titled, was released in 1996. I considers this my “getting my feet wet” CD. Though I didn’t write the songs on this CD, the production of it broke me into the industry and led me to create two other terrific original CD offerings, plus another one on the way. This CD was the real beginning of my journey into the professional music industry and though my style has evolved since this CD, this was an important stepping stone to my future and continued success.


Recorded at Groove Deluxe (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Produced by Kurt Hahn
Engineered by Donnie Chapman and Al (“Huggie”) Strickland
Mixed by Al Strickland
Lead vocals and backing vocals by Lana Grant
Guitars and backing vocals by Chris Iannetti
Piano, keyboards, backing vocals and musical direction by Mike Manuel
Additional backing vocals by Leslie Campbell
Photos by Debbie O’Laughlin (Hairstylist: Bryan Fader)
Songwriting credits:
* You don’t say it like you mean - Sandy Stewart/David Munday, MMA Music (APRA)/Sweet Talk music(ASAP), Sold For A Song (Socan)/Munday Music (ASCAP)
*  So Strong – Robert White Johnson/Robert White Johnson Publishing (ASACAP), c/o Warner Chappell, Bill Cuomo/Pants Down Music c/o American League Music
* To Hell And Back – Anthony Vanderburgh/Alan Frew/ Dean Landon, (Vanderock Music/Warner Chappell/EMI Music Canada/Ocean Tide Music/BM)
* Fire Escape – Lois Farmer/Kit Johnson copyright @ Peermusic Canada Inc./Socan
* I Will Follow – Rupert Wates/Eaton Music Ltd. c/o Morning Music Ltd.
* Open Arms – Kristen Hall, Copyright at Ltd./Ludakris Music/ASCAP