Lana Grant, Singer/Songwriter


Here are some stand out comments and quotes I’ve received both recently and over the years. Check back for future media article links and more fan quotes.

Media and Fan - Quotes, Articles and Reviews:

"One of the best tracks on this album is “Aftermath,” a duet with Dave Carroll, telling a story of tension between a husband and a wife whose love has run dry. “There’s only a few feet between us/why does it seem like miles/it didn’t used to.” There’s a wonderful atmosphere to this song, and Lana and Dave have great chemistry. Easily a radio hit, “Aftermath” oozes style, good songwriting, and a touching sentiment. This is the best track on the album."
(Music Writer/Publisher: Bobby Jo Valentine from California, USA) - Related to Lana's new CD "non fiction".
"Grant then takes a beautiful, sentimental turn in “My Journey.” Like the rings inside a fresh-cut tree/the lines mark the moments in my journey.” Beautiful songwriting, an absolutely show-stopping guitar solo in the middle, and a great piano track compliment the raw lyrics and vocals that will make this track a fan favorite."
(Music Writer/Publisher:  Bobby Jo Valentine from California, USA) - Related to Lana's new CD "non fiction".
"One of the most meaningful and heartfelt tracks here is "Time,” which describes one of Grant’s fan’s battle with breast cancer. A simple acoustic guitar accompanies Grant's vocals, and there's something in her voice that creates a genuine connection with the listener and the subject matter. Lyrics like "Please just give me some time for the moments I took for granted before. Please just give me sometime to live some more" are an example of the unvarnished truth of the matter that hits close to home with so many listeners.
(Music Writer/Publisher: Alexa Spieler from New York) - Related to Lana's new CD "non fiction".
Prepare for Lana Grant to become a household name. Why she isn't already is a mystery. To find an artist who can mix so many genres so well is a real rarity. Lana Grant is pure talent, and by end of Non-Fiction, you will agree.
CD Rating: 5 stars (out of 5) -  - Related to Lana's new CD "non fiction". 
(Music Writer/Publisher: Alexa Spieler from New York)
"It has been 15 years since Canadian Lana Grant launched her self-titled debut album. This year’s release of Non Fiction marks her fourth studio effort with a desire to truly inspire and connect with her fans through real life musical stories. Grant’s vocals are remarkable throughout the album with her strong, sassy, personal delivery."
(Music Writer/Publisher Kelly O'Neil from North Carolina, USA)


Recent Articles/Radio/ & Video Links: 

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Local newspaper review by Joanne Oostveen (Halifax News Net) - Related to Lana's June 3rd, 2011 Non-Fiction CD Launch
Check out Lana's Sea and Be Seen profile, where she was selected as one of Nova Scotia's "Cool People"...a unique Maritime related Q&A session (Nov. 2011)...
“Lana Grant – Nova Scotia’s newest female singing sensation!” (CBC First Edition)

“Here’s to hoping a major CD contract comes Lana’s way, she’s got talent galore and one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard.” (City Wide Alert Magazine)

“Lana Grant is a talent to watch.” (Atlantic Gig Magazine)

“Music East selected her as one of the top newcomers in its fresh faces feature.” (The Daily News)

“You’ve gotta have high hopes, the old Sinatra song goes, and Halifax singer/songwriter Lana Grant has them in spades.” (The Chronicle Herald/Mail Star)

Fan Quotes

“Had a chance to play the CD on our trip home. It is awesome. We ALL enjoyed it and our group ranged in age from 10-57!! Can’t wait to hear more about you in the states.” (USA fan)

“You are absolutely fabulous! I can’t wait to hear you live in concert! When are you touring in the states???!!!” (Florida fan)

CONGRATULATIONS LANA! Your music is a reflection of your personal power, passion and character forged by stretching, growing and your courage to forgive and move on when life challenges you. BELIEVE in your vision and Don’t let anyone steal your dreams.” (Nova Scotia fan)

I met Lana while working in Canada. She gave me some of her music and I thought it was brilliant! She is a talent and a friend. I wish her the very best !” (England fan)

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