Lana Grant, Singer/Songwriter


My biography to this point is like an unfinished book; there are still many chapters to write, but like all stories, there is a beginning…and here is mine.

Present, Past & Upcoming

Lana Grant was born in Newfoundland, but grew-up in rural Nova Scotia. Lana has always been involved in music, but began crafting her professional music career as a singer-songwriter in 1995. Since that time, Lana Grant has released four albums , Lana Grant-Self Titled (1996) , Tied of Talkin’ (!999) and Hovering Above (2004) and Non-Fiction (2011). Tired of Talkin’ saw the national release of two singles, "Pieces" and "Tired of Talkin’". "Pieces" topped charts locally and abroad, which put Lana in the spotlight.

Lana Grant has performed with national musical gems, such as Blue Rodeo and most recently with award winning East Coast Music artists such as Dave Carroll, RyLee Madison, Makayla Lynn, etc. Lana Grant's career has seen numerous musical accomplishments, from East Coast Music Award showcases and a nomination for Female Artist of the Year by the Music Industry of Nova Scotia in 2000. Lana Grant took a break from the music industry to raise a family, but is excited about returning, with her current release, Non-Fiction (2011). Lana combines her varied musical influences to create an adult contemporary offering. Her powerful, soulful voice, takes you on a journey of inspiring stories in song ,such as the powerful duet "Aftermath" featuring Dave Carroll.

Lana Grant is a singer-songwriter whose music is best described as "soul-stories wrapped in music". Lana’s sound is difficult to describe-she combines pop, blues, folk and country together to create her special blend of music which appeals to a broad audience. Recently, her voice has been likened to sound similar to musical greats, such as Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt. She puts people at ease and connects with the audience with her warm sense of humour and songs filled with stories of real people and emotion.

Currently, Lana has published a Cook Book entitled, "Musicians, Memories & Morsels ~ An East Coast Story Cook Book", with Granite Records in collaboration with over 40 well known Atlantic Canadian musicians sharing their favourite food memories and recipes ( The Cookbook also features a special chapter dedicated to help raise awareness of the struggle of Mental Illness faced both by the family and the person suffering the disease – A cause close to Lana’s heart, as her young niece suffers from this highly misunderstood disease. A promotional Cook Book concert tour & book signing events are currently underway (2013/2014). Many events feature not only Lana, but also a variety of cook book contributing musical guests.

Lana is also finishing up in the studio recording her 5th CD! This is due out late winter 2015 (April). The CD is entittled "Soul Reader" and explores a real spiritual side to Lana. WIth each song Lana digs deep to find the light in the dark and the hope in the despair. Loss, Murder, Mental Health, Family Dysfunction, Life stressers and Broken Love....topics you think would lend to pretty dark content are presented with Lana's fresh musical stamp to help lighten the load and lyrically weave some relief into their outcomes. Stay tuned!


Short 2014 Media Bio:

Lana Grant is a East Coast Music artist with a passion for her career and music offerings, which include four CD releases - of which two singles had National releases, and a fifth CD due out “officially” this November (2014) titled “Soul Reader”. Her style is not easy to label as it melds together pop, blues, R&B and country, but leaves the listener uniquely haunted and returning for the musical stories she weaves with luring and catchy contemporary arrangements.

Lana is an artist who wants to keep bringing in extra experiences for her fans within her music. She’s the creator of a highly successful Musician Cook Book (Musicians, Memories & Morsels ~ An East Coast Story Cook Book), a builder of unique concerts/events where she loves to bring together a bounty of fellow musicians and artists in engaging and added value experiences for fans, such as the Cook Book Concert Tour and the Music & The Medium ~ Bringing the past to the present through music (which is her current tour featuring a Psychic Medium, Lana + Guest artists). She’s been honoured as a Progress Woman of Excellence in Arts & Culture, she’s an advocate for Mental Health and was recently selected by the Jost Vineyards, as one of their four female Brand Ambassador for their Selkie Frizzante wine, which celebrates women who are “Making it in Nova Scotia”!

For more information on Lana check out her website at

Publicist ContactSherry Donovan – 902-497-8251


My History (as told by Lana)…

By eighteen I had moved five times. My dad was with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and this was just part of our lifestyle. We started out in Newfoundland and then made our way around Nova Scotia. This constant upheaval pushed me to be outgoing in both spirit and personality. Luckily, music gave me a consistent outlet in each new town. It helped me integrate into friendships where it otherwise may have been more difficult. Plus, I like to think that school music programs kept me in crowds that were good influences…much to the relief of my parents. Though having a dad in the police may also have kept me on the straight and narrow!

My passion for music began as early as seven years old (that I can recall). I used to perform home concerts for family and friends. I remember in elementary school when we were asked to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up. All the other kids wrote about being astronauts and doctors, but I wrote that I wanted to be a famous singer! School really gave me my best introduction to music and it’s there where I really felt like I had found my talent. I use to sing in school choirs (solo and with the whole group), I played clarinet in the school band, but once I reached my teens I wanted more of a challenge and began taking private classical and opera training. From there my music ambitions grew to wanting to be a part of the professional music industry. This led me to contemporary pop music where I began song-writing, performing original music live and recording. Now here I am this many years later with four CD’s to my credit.

I’m so grateful for what my music has brought me, from the meeting of so many wonderful people/fans, musicians, travel, confidence to be who I am and the ability to express that in a unique way to the world. It has also given me an outlet to help sort out my joys, problems, emotions in all forms, as well the ability to give a voice to other peoples very emotional and powerful stories. I think music is like a holistic form of medication that has helped me heal and grow and I hope it has and will continue, to affect others in that way as well.

Thank you for being a part of my journey…I hope you will continue to travel with me!